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When you or I need a Quick Cash loan ‘Payday loan’ providers will help in most situations. 24hour-cash.com has compiled a list of PayDay loan services.* All the listed services provide 100% secure processing for short term loans for those in need of a quick cash solution. Most services have a quick 24-hour turn around, even as quick as one hour!

Typically the proceeds of your loan will be electronically deposited into your bank account by the lender the next business day. You will typically have the ability to choose the payment option that works best for you. All payments are processed by your lender by electronic transfer from your bank account.

If you are matched with a lender, you may be required to electronically sign and agree to the terms of the loan. However, there is no obligation to accept the loan. If you are not satisfied with the terms of the loan, simply do not sign it, and apply again to find a different lender.

Each Lender has their own terms and conditions, please review their policies for further information.

Personal loan lenders typically process the loan immediately so that it will be available in your account the following business day after the loan is approved. Lenders can wire the money to your bank account in one business day. If you apply on a weekend or holiday, the money will be sent to you by your lender the next business day.

Approved vendors:

1.  Payday Loans – Fast cash for the unexpected:     CLICK HERE

2.  100 Day Loans – Take a little longer to pay back:  CLICK HERE

3. Team Quick Cash:  CLICK HERE


5.  We Give Cash – Cash in one hour:  CLICK HERE


* 24hour-cash.com strives to provide the most up to-date and accurate information possible. However, some program information may change without notice. 24hour-cash.com may receive a financial incentive for referrals.